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In 2008, 14 suppliers and the Danish Wind Industry Association decided to start a network named MidtVind. Within MidtVind a QA network group was developed which regularly organized meetings to develop and help the other companies in the network across the value chain. But to continue this positive trend, DWIA decided to facilitate a new network in which also wind turbine manufacturers and utilities could participate on equal footing with the suppliers. 

In February 2014 the first meeting of the new QA network took place. Siemens Wind Power and Vestas participated with a number of their suppliers. This was the very beginning of QA cooperation between manufacturers, utilities and suppliers. The idea of the APQP4Wind project was born. Other suppliers started to participate in the network. The APQP4Wind project, a great idea but lacking funds, was the start-up of the steering committee APQP4Wind consisting of KK Wind Solutions, LM Wind Power, Siemens Wind Power and Vestas. 

With the help and support from DWIA and funding from the Danish Industry Foundation, the APQP4Wind project will run from 2015 to 2018. The project was now ready to begin with cooperation between strong and experienced players in the industry like Siemens Wind Power, Vestas Wind Systems, LM Wind Power, KK Wind Solutions, DONG, Vattenfall and over 30 others supplier from the Danish wind supply chain. The APQP4Wind was born and ready to start. Read more about APQP4Wind at the www.apqp4wind.org website.

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