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DNV GL targets mass market for RAM analysis with launch of Maros Lite

Maros Lite - RAM analysis tool for basic reliability, availability, maintainability studies

DNV GL - Software has released the new RAM analysis product Maros Lite. Maros Lite now brings RAM analysis to a much wider market, empovering users to attain best return on investment with fast, informed and effective decisions on the performance of a single unit process industry asset.

Save cost and reduce downtime with Maros Lite

Asset owners are increasingly seeking more effective methods for management of their current assets and future developments to improve performance and reduce cost. Maros Lite reliability modelling is developed to save cost and reduce downtime in industries such as power plant operations, oil and gas production and mining.

Maros Lite is based on the simulator of Maros and Taro, DNV GL - Software’s Advanced RAM (Reliability, Availability and Maintainability) tools, benefiting from more than 30 years of successful industrial application and extensive global experience in projects for oil and gas assets.

“With this solution we are now targeting the broader market where the needs are simpler than in the high-end market, where we have a strong position already with Maros and Taro. New users will be able to upgrade directly to Maros and Taro for more complex systems or more thorough analyses. Maros Lite can be used throughout the organisation, in parallel with Maros and Taro,” says Are Føllesdal Tjønn, DNV GL - Software Managing Director.

Maros Lite is a fundamental RAM analysis tool that provides all the essential features needed to perform a precise performance evaluation of process systems. Maros Lite uses operation determining events such as equipment failure and planned and corrective maintenance to predict the system performance, reducing uncertainty and supporting the decision-making process at all stages of your asset’s lifecycle.

Some benefits of Maros Lite are:

  • Highly competitive pricing of Maros Lite brings powerful Maros RAM analysis software to single unit operations
  • Easy to use, intuitive RAM analysis at all stages of process plant lifecycle
  • Rapidly examine different design options in a matter of minutes
  • Fast analysis simulation time despite sophisticated and complex underlying algorithms
  • Easy to get started with solution designed specifically for process industry
  • Extensive import possibilities as studies can be exchanged between Maros Lite, Maros and Taro
  • Professional support from DNV Software customer support team and web-based Customer Portal

“Maros Lite allows users to take advantage of the Maros technology at reduced cost for analysis of a single unit. We believe this makes Maros Lite one of best tools available for RAM analysis of single unit operations,” says Victor Borges, DNV GL - Software RAM Product Manager.

About Maros Lite software

Maros Lite is a fundamental Reliability, Availability and Maintainability (RAM) tool that provides all the essential features needed to perform a precise performance evaluation for process systems. It uses typical events such as equipment failure, planned and corrective maintenance to predict the system performance, reducing uncertainty concerning the system's behaviour and supporting the decision-making process.
Maros Lite is based on the same simulator that Maros and Taro are based on, which has been developed for more than 30 years. Therefore, Maros Lite offers the benefits of these industry proven tools with world-leading simulation methodology for advanced RAM analysis in the process industry.

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